Growing Cut-Through Traffic Woes Spur F.C. Council’s Call for Action

A growing volume of anecdotal evidence around the City of Falls Church is suggesting that the imposition of expanded HOV hours and tolls on I-66 has led to an increase of speeding vehicular “cut-through” traffic in the City’s residential neighborhoods, it was asserted at Monday’s F.C. City Council meeting.

It was a petition by citizen Jessica Hegenbort at the meeting which precipitated a lengthy and often animated conversation of the subject that included mandates from some City Council members that additional “traffic calming” measures be taken immediately and the observation by no less than Police Chief Mary Gavin that the new (enacted in December 2017) tolls on I-66 “has put more traffic on the side roads,” such that the number one complaint her department receives from the public has to do with traffic.

Hegenbort’s petition arose from an incident in front of her home in the 200 block of Marshall Street in which a speeding car, availing itself of a well-known cut-through route through F.C. residential neighborhoods from Route 29 to Route 7. There is a curve in the block that creates a blind spot and one of her children, she reported, barely avoided being hit and potentially seriously hurt on a recent afternoon.


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1 thought on “Growing Cut-Through Traffic Woes Spur F.C. Council’s Call for Action

  1. There are actually 2 parts to the problem. If the idea is to reduce pollution – they have not succeeded! The tolls question specifically a part of this chain – adding tolls- has forced many people off of I66 since there are MANY who cannot or will not pay a additional $12-20 per day for approximately a 10 mile ride. I now get off at the first exit inside the beltway and take route 7 and 50 to work and 29 home. This has added about 1/2 hour to my daily commute and increase traffic SIGNIFICANTLY on those routes. 66 is still jammed on the inbound side every afternoon. Secondly, the removal of clean plate vehicle from the HOV lanes has added another full hour daily. Assuming I am a “typical” driver, and that there are 5,000 cars per day doing what I am, then these changes have INCREASED pollution by 1.5 hours times 5,000 vehicles or 7,500 MORE hours on engines running EACH DAY! VERY DISTRESSING TO ME AND zI ASSUME MANY OTHERS THAT ARE ON THE ROAD EVERY DAY!!!!!

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