Herndon Sluglines

Drivers pull up at the entrance of the Herndon-Monroe Park and Ride Garage to pickup riders heading to Rossly, the Pentagon and other Washington DC locations.

1 thought on “Herndon Sluglines

  1. Thanks for setting up this website. I lived in Lorton for a while and with a slug lot just 5 min from the house, slugging was gold! Shame to see it is so difficult from out here in Reston. I work at the Pentagon. Must grab the Express Bus every morning (~$15/day for a round trip)! I’ll be working in the Pentagon until next Jan-Feb, then will begin working in Ballston. If I read the site correctly, there are only ~20 folks who line up at the Herndon pick up point each AM, then getting a ride back is day-to-day, hit or miss? If I drive to HM and am fortunate enough to get a ride in, I may very well, not get a ride back to HM? What about folks who work in the Ballston area, are there any drivers out there looking for a regular rider starting in Jan-Feb? Many thanks again for setting this up, I appreciate the effort.

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