Navy Yard


The Washington Navy Yard is the oldest US Navy shore facility. Some of the sluggers use to slug into L'Enfant Plaza and take metro train to their destination. Morning lines are usually combined with L'Enfant lines. Early 2000 slugs started a yahoo group to coordinate afternoon rides.

Directions from Virginia: Follow I-395 across the 14th St. Bridge. At the end of the Bridge, I-395 bears off to the right and becomes the Southwest-Southeast Freeway. Take the Freeway to the 6th St SE exit. Proceed down the ramp and continue straight ahead to 8th St SE. Turn right, go two blocks to M St SE. Turn left on M St SE and go three blocks to 11th St.

Slugs line up at 300, M street SE Washington DC - 20003. In 2015 Washington Navy Yard established couple more slug lines to Route 610 and Horner Road along the Patterson Ave.

Peak hours

4:00 PM - 5:30 PM

Slug lines from Navy Yard

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