The Snail Mail ProjectA project to enjoy and protect the art of Snail Mail. As for cards, if you do not know Sapling Press already, I highly recommend you check them out immediately! Please practice hand-washing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times. We’ve sent a few “Hello!” type cards to family and friends during quarantine. I couldn’t celebrate in-person with friends near or far, so instead I bought beautiful cards and wrote letters to all of them over the course of my birthday month. We’ll send each other letters, postcards, envelopes with little gifts inside… I have horrible handwriting and one choice of card, while my friend writes in cursive, uses different colored inks, and even seals her letters with wax! Companies looking for a different approach to marketing that is more direct, hands on, and interactive will likely benefit from some of those older marketing strategies . PS I love your cards, but would never send a card with a swear word on it, but that’s just me. We’ve been sending SO MUCH mail since the pandemic started. I loved having a pen pal growing up (she was from wales, and now we’re friends on facebook and insta!!). It was such a thoughtful surprise and I love that we were able to support a small local business at the same time. Lindsey Jordan (born June 16, 1999), better known by her stage name Snail Mail, is an American singer-songwriter from Ellicott City, MD. It was so fun and such a great excuse to just sent the people we were missing so much a quick note telling them we loved them and were thinking of them. We recently got one back from 2013, when my son was 8 (he’s now 15) that said “Guess what? I’d write him letters asking a couple of simple questions and telling him something I was up to in Chicago. I always send postcards to friends when I go on vacation and send a birthday card if I’m not going to be seeing them for their birthdays. I will treasure that handmade card for as long as I live. ;-) Just kidding!! Recommendations: Strathmore 500 Series Letter Set, Midori Sticker Marché Stickers, Pentel EnerGel Philography Gel Pens. My fav is the snow hiking one. Deeply moisturizing. I believe it is an Amish tradition (though I’m not Amish). A Cup of Jo penpal program. 2. This post made me sad with everything that is going on with USPS. These are rough times for our essential workers. The Best Snail Mail Supplies. Snail Mail Inspiration. LetterHub’s snail mail online service is one of the best that there is. @julie – hooray! Haha! Description. As for sending actual letters (which I’ve done quite often during quarantining) I always make sure that the envelope is decorated with illustrations or stickers or just pretty handwriting. Recommendations: Chronicle Books Assorted Notecards, Bande Washi Tape Sticker Rolls, Pentel EnerGel-X Gel Pens. I hope and picture it bringing smiles to everyone who passes it along to be delivered to my friend. The designer is a badass woman (and friend) with the best sense of humor! I love all those cards You featured too! And nice post, on a day when that person in the White House is actually honest enough (oh, the irony!) -My friend and I usually send overseas parcels to each other. My cousin is an ER doctor in the Bay Area and could barely keep her head above water in March/April, COVID was that bad at her hospital and keeping her away from her husband and baby most of the time. Right, that’s it: I’m buying some cards this weekend and sending notes. It’s so hard to say thank you for a compliment and leave it at that in person! Among them is snail mail, which is basically the regular postal service (for example, FedEx and the U.S. This has no relationship to ISO paper sizing, which also uses A as a category, and JetPens avoids describing envelopes this way. They make me so happy, I keep them displayed in my kitchen. Absolutely, according to security experts we spoke to. Have you sent any mail lately? A handwritten card is simply a thing of love and happiness. Love having a pen pal! Which Songs Would (or Did) You Choose For Your Wedding? “Photo of dogs… just because” – made me giggle! Those are all lovely cards, but the sardine one is my favorite! We recommend pairing the, Envelopes should be addressed on the center front, with a return address in the upper left corner or on the back flap. Feb 11, 2020 - Explore emmatomasta's board "SNAIL MAIL", followed by 138 people on Pinterest. I love beautiful paper and pretty stationary. Recommendations: Crown Mill C6/5 Envelopes, Life One Touch Airmail Envelopes, Life One Touch Airmail Envelopes, Midori Letter Sets. Love this! They’ve already started removing several post office box drop offs here in Portland, OR. This past year I sent birthday cards in the mail to a handful of close friends and they were all so surprised! on the front and coloured its mane with glittery pink nail polish, giving it a super cool 3D effect. We’d talk about the new stamps, their dogs and they were as much my coworkers as the ones in the office. This is so silly but I LOVE those dogs!!! When addressing, write the address parallel to the longest edge of the envelope. Many occasions call for the personal touch of a handwritten letter. Since the pandemic started I have been writing a bunch of cards to friends and family on the weekends. They are in NC on a beach with chickens. Love this!! You said it. We had our 5 year old copy jokes to send to grandparents, aunts/uncles, his baby cousin, etc. See more ideas about Snail mail, Stationery, Stationery supplies. Highly recommended, and easy to google better instructions than those I’ve given! I rescue most of my stationary from thrift shops, but however you source it, I think everyone should give it a try. send mail for fun and for our right to vote! 24 days ago. There’s nothing like getting mail when you’re a kid. My New Year’s resolution a few years ago was to send at least one piece of snail mail per week, and I have kept the goal up ever since. Little things, but most of my life is little things! Our mail lady even got into it and left us a package of new postcards to send. Let’s call our elected officials and ask them to make sure that the USPS is protected so that we can go on getting our mail. 1. I’ve heard from so many people who loved receiving them and a few friends even wrote letters back. Even the baby knew I sucked! I think half the fun is looking for cute, new stationary, ahaha! Jan 16, 2020 - Explore Bibi van Ommeren's board "Snail Mail", followed by 361 people on Pinterest. I love that! And yes we’re still BFFs 30 years on, and we’ll still be besties when we’re old and gray and in our rocking chairs, if I have anything to say about it! Future historians will thank you. Include a smaller stamped envelope with your letter, and your letter recipient will have no excuse! I am amazed that the post office could figure out where to send them. It was in that period where you often wonder if you are perhaps a terrible mom – in my case, breastfeeding wasn’t going well, I didn’t handle minimal sleep well, and my baby naturally wasn’t a cuddler so I secretly felt kind of rejected by her. “Snail mail,” nicknamed due to its leisurely pace, might be less popular today, but it still connects friends and stationary lovers around the world. The account brings so much joy – lovely handlettered envelopes getting sent through snail mail. i’ve always been a big letter writer, though sure nowadays do so more via email – but i still send those rare postcards or blank cards now and again, so fun and special. While teaching remotely during quarantine, I sent postcards to 320 of my students, grades K-2, telling them I missed them and hoped they were enjoying their time with their families. COVID obviously put a damper on celebrating events with friends (especially if they live hours away) and even snail mail to other countries was stalled for a while…but local businesses have really stepped up their delivery game. For longer letters like these, we recommend, Write a quick, thoughtful note with a fast-drying, Instead of sending a quick text or email, take a moment to express your appreciation in writing. This is by far our favorite way to engage our 2.5 year old’s art projects — he paints or draws or colors, then we fold it into a card and he narrates a message to someone he loves (a friend of his, friends of ours, family members, teachers) and then we mail it. Also, I’ve really been on a tea kick lately and Coconut Thai Chai sounds delicious. i have quite a stash of blank cards. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. As a personal and authentic touch, all KRN books are addressed with the student’s name which makes kids feel important and encourages ownership at a young age. The boys love writing their funny little notes (“How are you? It’s personal. I had 3 penpals when I was a kid (I don’t remember exactly where I got their information from?) Sometimes we talk on the phone, very rarely do we text, but always, always we send letters. As a small child, I remember I used to feel like a million bucks when I would get something in the mail. Keep in mind that a friend will be happy to hear from you no matter the quality of your prose, and read on for more detailed letter-writing tips. Or, if you want a luxurious experience for your fingertips, an ergonomic pen will keep you comfortable.For more information, check out our, To secure envelopes with a vintage touch, use traditional. Snail Mail. Thanks for this—I’ve been meaning to go buy some stamps and send some letters to my nephews. I stick to my parents mostly. We feel connected, it’s quick and easy, and no issues with the time difference. I think everyone gets excited about post, it is lovely to know that someone is thinking about you, a great way to catch up on news, and receiving a card or letter in the post just makes people smile. Gosh, Jo, so political. A few stationers I love are Of Note and Odette Press. Once you’ve written a heartfelt letter, only a few steps remain before it reaches its destination. There have been countless famous pen pals throughout history as well. What a coincidence that this is your post today: My hubby and I live on Eastern Long Island during the summer months + when we left our home in Philadelphia in May, one of our sweet, older neighbors (who raises chickens right in the city of Philadelphia— how cool is that? I closed with “Stay well, and keep reading!” Huge hit! Imagine not having to go to the post office or having to stuff and fold envelopes. Create New Wish List; Description. i love getting notes like these . Snail Mail is the American indie rock solo project of guitarist and singer-songwriter Lindsey Jordan. People love it and I know I love getting snail mail:), Kind of like sending flowers to yourself… I send myself postcards when I’m on vacation with notes like “Remember this.” or “You’re so adventurous!”. Over time my circle of recipients expanded and I started sending cards to old friends I had lost touch with, sparking wonderful renewed connections. I’ve long loved snail mail (always kept in touch with summer camp friends over long letters as a kid and teen) and have been delighting for a while in circle letters. on Cup of Jo!). Topic Suggestion: Have fun using watercolors to make simple observational paintings, or create a collage from magazines and doodles. Snail Mail's debut studio album, Lush, was released on June 8, 2018, via Matador Records. Just because. This is lovely, and also a great way to support the postal service (as I see others have commented). Receiving snail mail is one of the great pleasures in life. I’ve been really loving snail mail during the pandemic. North America also sometimes labels envelopes A2 through A10. Perhaps not as *romantic* as buying a card, looking for stamps, a mailbox…. Joanna, this post is also hugely relevant to the moment. My roommate sends letters to incarcerated folks (through coalition for civil freedom) – everyone loves getting mail and it means something extra special for those who can’t communicate freely in other ways. That was it. He also doesn’t have a phone, so my usual way of communicating with him was just by popping over to his house every now and then, which hasn’t been feasible during the pandemic. You can create whimsical art pieces made with all sorts of mixed media, found objects, and a trusty, If you never receive any letters back, resort to bribery. (Photo of dogs, just because, by Cara Dolan/Stocksy. We have so much random artwork being generated on our end that it’s hard to appreciate it all, but send off a piece or two to someone and it becomes a scarce, precious piece of connection to the kids. What’s the Most Beautiful Thing You’ve Ever Read? Who would you write to? You may choose to use a stamp code—Victorians would tilt stamps at strange angles to communicate secret meanings—but make sure you warn your recipient. Here’s our numbers!” notes for several neighbors right at the beginning of the first shut-down. All of these years later, I’m widowed; he’s no longer partnered; and we live on opposite coasts. I love picking out collectible stamps. I had the same thought. I found a used card store that sells Pokemon cards for 10 cents!” A treasure and so fun to revisit an age that seems so far away now. I absolutely adore the $1 cards at Trader Joe’s. Love this! June 23, 2020 - Posted by Elaine to Guides, Office, Paper. I moved away from where I grew up so getting a birthday card or package from someone I miss is so special. My most favorite cards are from Frog and Toad Press made in Providence, Rhode Island. A few weeks ago my 3 year old wanted to mail a card to his 4 year old brother (yes, we all alive in the same apartment), so we did! Thanks for the inspiration to celebrate people’s everyday achievements going forward and not just the “big” stuff. First, write the date in the top right or left corner of your paper. It totally made my day! May 1, 2020 - Explore Diane Henson's board "Snail Mail", followed by 171 people on Pinterest. We recommend using supple sealing wax for any letter you send through the postal system. And this also reminds me that I have been wanting to purchase an old-fashioned address book, like the kind I used to have in pre-cell phone days. A C6 envelope fits an A6 sheet of paper, or an A5 sheet folded in half, or A4 folded in quarters, and so on. I also LOVE to have a section of notecards and writing paper in my bureau. One of these friends collaged a Biden campain ad into a “vote for me and also happy birthday” card. 6:11. We publish several sponsored posts each month, which are always labeled at the top. I’ve been sending a handful of cards out every few weeks—in this weird world of constant connection (via our phones) but so little physical connection (thanks, covid), it feels like such a nice way to let people know you’re actually thinking about them vs. just responding to whatever they last posted on Instagram. A CoJ letter exchange is such a fun idea! The reaction from people was so sweet; no one expected us to announce the pregnancy through snail-mail, but we don’t actively use social media, so it was right for us. If you believe there's no better envelope for a handmade card than one that is stamped with love, TE's Snail Mail stamp set is for you! Getting exciting mail doesn’t have to be a distant childhood memory. Choose a plan with the option to renew. I write cards to my grandma and my best friend and I, who live a few states apart, send each other letters back and forth. For over 25 years BEST Publications has been a major source of mail-in sweepstakes and contest information for sweepstakes hobbyists around the country with accurate, current, and complete information for contests and sweepstakes.To begin winning, order your subscription to Best Sweepstakes Newsletter or Best Weekly Newsletter today! Click here to see what paper works best with which envelopes. What’s happening is scary. Lovely! My sister makes the most beautiful, funny handmade cards. It gave me a small productive thing to do every week or so. Traditionally, a letter closes with a sign-off phrase and your name. Fill out your letter with specific details. A C5/6 envelope or a DL envelope will fit an A4 (or Letter) sheet folded into thirds. By There have been countless famous pen pals throughout history as well. x. Snail Mail bringing smiles to your face! A letter outside these bounds will be rejected by US post offices. The world needs more cheerleaders. Cool Gifts Best Gifts Awesome Gifts Snail Mail Gifts Customer Service Week Cool Calendars Fun Mail Hopscotch Happy Mail. Read on or watch the video below to learn more and discover some of our favorite tools for letter writing! Family got a kick out of the little kid jokes, and he would beam when they would thank him via FaceTime later. In addition to an address frame adorned with a hand-doodled border, the set also includes stamps of a kitty cat postage stamp, an envelope and floating hearts, a mail truck, a bird with an envelope, a postal service indicia, a snail with an envelope and the scripty sentiment "Snail Mail." Plus, we have to do our part for the USPS! If it weren’t for working from home, I could easily go days not even looking at my phone. They made a postcard with a picture of them on a recent hike and wrote a note saying that they look forward to visiting them soon. Thanks to corona I discovered our post service has an app which lets you upload pictures from your phone and send them as a card (you can include a message on the back). We’ve been exchanging letters, and while his handwriting is kind of hard to read haha, it’s been really nice and I treasure these letters! May 18, 2014 - Explore Kubra Sahin's board "Snail mail" on Pinterest. There's chicken poop, goat poop, pig poop, and cow poop. I’ve received many delights in the mail! I addressed and stamped them and sealed them with a pretty sticker–and then never sent them. How fun to get a surprise parcel on a random Tuesday! The best part of having your kids send letters is having them sent back to you when your kids are older! In recent years have started to add myself to this list :), and send myself also a postcard mentioning how it feels to be travelling. ): Asheville, NYC, Denver and until recently, Moscow. See more ideas about Snail mail, Snail mail art, Snail mail pen pals. Do you know about them? Below is an excellent link to Lisa Graves’ article, which she has turned into an excellent PDF easy to mail to your local representatives. A Cup of Jo is a daily lifestyle site for women. Topic Suggestion: Personalize your letter by describing how you intend to use the specific gift item. 7-3⁄4 and No. snail mail. You can use your fanciest lettering for your recipient’s name, but be sure to print the address neatly and legibly. YES! Snail Mail is the American indie rock solo project of guitarist and singer-songwriter Lindsey Jordan. Your local snail mail won’t be delivered for weeks. :). (also an avid letter-writer, but … setters! For these situations, it is best to use simple, neutral-colored stationery. Almost 10 years ago, I became friends with another traveller in Peru. Several texted me. It brought a lot of fun into our mailbox. The best way to look at this is to compare direct mail marketing to digital marketing. Yes to that! I’ve always enjoyed giving people cards with a nice thoughtful message for birthdays but also occasions of personal achievement in their lives (promotion! The album was produced by Jake Aron. that’s lovely! This summer, the boys have been writing letters to the grandmas, and it brings us all so much joy. I have been massively into snail mail since childhood – when our school did Japanese pen pals I had over 10 pen pals I wrote to for YEARS! So many people told me how touched they were to receive them and how it made their day. You get to keep the message but send the beautiful card along to live a longer, more adventurous life :) The best part was the mail all came in on a bit of a delay, so I’d open my box for the week surrounding the actual day and 3-5 cards would spill out (“OMG THERE’S MORE?!?!) It has been a fun way to stay in touch with college friends spread all over, and also fun with friends-of-friends who you don’t know personally (yet). I’m grateful for a slower pace that has highlighted new strengths and talents in each of us. but I can add something for sure xo, Yes! Not only has this become something she looks forward to and a project for her to return back to us.. but we’ve also been learning so much about her that we don’t get to know during our busy family gatherings. :). To me it’s one of the marks of true friendship and compatibility if you can just write someone a card saying “hey, what’s up?”, Also, if you’re like me and bad about not keeping cards on hand, Trader Joe’s always has a great selection, including blank and thinking of you cards, and I always grab a few while I’m waiting in line to check out. this post is so timely! Jun 13, 2020 - Explore Camille Melaleuca's board "snail mail " on Pinterest. this is such a lovely idea. Also, it feels amazing to get mail :) It’s so special! I second this! ), said to me “What’s your address out there, I’ll send you a letter.” I nearly burst from the excitement!
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