The Yamakura (山倉) residence sought by Lady Murakami may also be in the ghost alley since it is not on Morioh's map. 11:01 PM: Yugo Kanno Morioucho Radio. Our local mangaka Rohan Kishibe was spotted with his new boyfriend yesterday! Kazuko, the mother, was 39 years old. 10th June, 2018. Although it quickly developed during the 1980s, it was inhabited even in the ancient days of the samurai. Even though he was present in almost every other episode, we never got to see the person and what happened to him. Caravan Serai (キャラバン・サライ, Kyaraban Sarai) is a Mexican racer with the horse Moon Flower (ムーン・フラワー, Mūn Furawā). Morioh RADIO 4 GREAT(杜王町RADIO 4 GREAT,Moriō-chō RADIO 4 GREAT) was a bi-weekly web radio program hosted by Yūki OnoW, Josuke Higashikata's seiyū from the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable TV Anime. (Morioh Cho Radio plays) "Good Morning! She volunteers to go into the swamp to look for disappeared inmates but was killed by Foo Fighters, her body eventually serving as the latter's host. Dio Brando sics them on the Joestar Group during his penultimate confrontation with Jonathan Joestar. He thought they were idiots when one of them left their fishing rod on the boat. Morioh RADIO 4 GREAT (杜王町RADIO 4 GREAT, Moriō-chō RADIO 4 GREAT) was a bi-weekly web radio program hosted by Yūki Ono, Josuke Higashikata's voice actor from the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable TV anime. He won the Final Stage's 10 million dollars prize after Diego was disqualified from the race. And i have the pewfect song hewe to stawt off the day. He is only named in the anime adaptation. Namesake: Led ZeppelinW band members Morioh Cho Radio. Antonio Rossi (アントニオ・ロッシ, Antonio Rosshi) is a Neapolitan civilian who Bruno Bucciarati uses as a hiding spot by using Sticky Fingers on him when fleeing from Giorno. The horse's name is a reference to Ramblin' ManW by The Allman Brother's BandW. ranked 18th in the 5th stage of the race. JoJo's Bizarre Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Here's our first song of the morning." (@Confessions_BF). The four zombies approach Poco and his sister, but before they could dispose of the two, they are confronted by Straizo. Let's not forget that the point of any dramatic work is to tell a story. For refreshing, the first song for you is Cold As Ice.' The character's name is a reference to the 1980 The PoliceW albumW of the same name. This is Morioh Radio, and your host, once again, is me, your neighbor, Kai Harada. Straizo jumps into the air and kicks a hanging chandelier causing it to fall and traps the four zombies. Mack the Knife (マック・ザ・ナイフ, Makku Za Naifu) was a racer who managed to arrive before Gaucho in the lat stretch of the 3rd Stage. Baby Face later urinates all over Anita's back, causing her to believe that the train is filthy. She realizes she's late to pick up her daughter from school and accidentally steps on Ojiro's prosthetic fingers while leaving, but she promises to buy him new ones that are way better. However, the Spirit cannot take the life of a former family member (such as a Mochizuki woman who becomes engaged to another). He also thought that Reiko was mad at him because of the adrenaline he smelled, but the smell was from Josuke. Bruno's father went to deliver the rod to the group and happened upon a drug deal. Here's our first song of the morning. The fact that Sorbet and Gelato decided to investigate Diavolo's identity by themselves could indicate either overconfidence or bravery. Summer is finally here, and we’re up for a beautiful day! The Spirit stalks the Mochizuki Family and is responsible for many unfortunate events that endanger the family, seemingly taking pleasure in tormenting the family. His name is likely a reference to the German-composed song of the same nameW, brought to the west by Louis ArmstrongW in 1953 but more popularized in 1959 by Bobby DarinW. This character's name is a reference to the 1840s English nursery rhyme of the same name.W. After her death came a cloud of misfortune upon the family as her husband spiraled into a mire of debt. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The horse's name refers to another albumW by Santana. Reimi's parents are only named and aged in the film. Rotters Club (ロッターズ・クラブ, Rottāzu Kurabu) ranked 9th in the 4th stage. In the old days, if a director wanted a new sound effect it would take a whole day — Harada had to call studio libraries and wait for … Takashi, the father of the family, was 45 years old when he died. We're joined this morning with our host Kai Harada to bring you some of the finest morning tunes. Police are investigating if these two cases have any relation to the missing people of Windknight's Lot. She is named only in the anime adaptation. Here's our first song … This ethic combined with his "new school" technique / unreal finger strength, led him to gold at the World Bouldering Championships in Innsbruck 2018. His name is most likely a reference to Jeff Beck Collaborator Jan HammerW. Lucy's mother, deceased at age 37 when Lucy was 12. Morioh Cho Radio by Xeno Music HUB (2). 1 year ago. She has one daughter and is the girlfriend of Ojiro Sasame, though he uses her to his own advantage by stealing some of her money and mainly residing in her condo's jacuzzi. He was a crucial part of the show. (ミスター・, Misutā.) Greetings, all. This character is likely a reference to the Shigechi from Part 4. She also has two younger sisters named Liza (9) and Reggie (5). He continues in Japanese, “Greetings, everyone, once again, this is your neighbor, Kai Harada with Morioh-cho Radio. As they got off the train, Satoru and Kira bumped into each other, knocking Kira's things onto the ground. [1] Zenyatta Mondatta ranked 12th place in the first stage, 7th place in the second stage, 10th place in the 4th stage, and 8th place in the sixth stage. The radio personality from the anime, Kai Harada, is also the opening to the sessions. Her underwear was stained red from the injury and she wasn't responding. Tired of the repeated confrontations, Kira followed the couple home. His results afterwards are unknown. We have another beautiful and sunny morning. Greeting all. This is Morioh Radio, brought to you again today by your neighbor, Kai Harada. Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf. Before she left, Mitsuba placed upward-pointing vectors on the coffee cups that Maako and the others were holding causing it to spill all over them. It is unknown whether the mouse was Danny or simply another white mouse that happened to be nearby. JOJO'S Bizarre Adventure - Diamond Is Unbreakable (Original Soundtrack) Vol. Greetings, all. Aqua Necklace then enters Masaya's body and takes control of him, causing him to become a robber of a convenience store. His name is most likely a reference to the musician Jeff BeckW. And I have the perfect song here to start off the day . Trivia: When Mary's husband Darnley died from unknown causes, Elizabeth took the opportunity to charge her for his death, turning the population against Mary. TV Show: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is … Elaine Paige on IMDb: Awards, nominations, and wins. Later, the school principal says Mina's injuries were just minor light scratches and she's recovering fine in the hospital. The letter Kai Harada reads on his radio show is from a man describing how his girlfriend has gone missing after he gave her a ruby-adorned engagement ring. Let's not forget that the point of any dramatic work is to tell a story. Our first song of the morning is this... (Radio is seen in Yoshikage's house while he is cutting his nails) (Food is also shown on the table with someone's hand) Yoshikage Kira: All right, let's eat. Her name is given in the credits of the TV anime. Kai Harada, The Band’s Visit BEST SOUND DESIGN OF A MUSICAL Gareth Fry, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Parts One and Two BEST REVIVAL OF A PLAY Angels in America, by Tony Kushner BEST SCENIC DESIGN OF A MUSICAL David Zinn, SpongeBob Squarepants: The Musical BEST SCENIC DESIGN OF A PLAY In her doll form she constantly called Telence's name while crying. Giorno checks his student ID and finds out that he's only 13 years old. Greetings, all. Aqua Necklace exits his body as Anjuro has no use for him anymore. Firstly, the Wi-SUN communication systems are categorized into three. タイルライブラリーに「MIPA」イタリアテラゾを磨いて仕上げ 投稿日:2020年11月30日 (月) 代表の原田です。引き続きタイルライブラリーの施工についてお伝えします。前回はこちら ブログ:タイルライブラリーに「MIPA」イタリアテラゾタイルを施工 タイルライブラリーに「MIPA」イタリアテラゾタイルを施工 投稿日:2020年11月26日 (木) 原田左官のタイルの魅力発信プロジェクト。引き続き工事の模様をお伝えします。前回の内容はこちら ブログ:タイルライブラリー タイルと左官の役割を変える! Da farko dai wata mota ce da tayarta ta fashe ta abkawa matafiya a daidai Kai-da-Kafa kusa da kwanar Freedom Shaidun gani da ido sun ce tun farko direbar motar na cikin tafiya ne sai kawai tayar motar ta fashe inda Kuma ya kasa shawo kan motar wanda sakamakon haka ya abka kan wani babur […] The radio personality from the anime, Kai Harada, is also the opening to the sessions. From the very episode, we were introduced to Morioh's radio station and to its anchorman. ?実際どうなの課」 投稿日:2020年09月23日 (水) お笑い芸人のあきら100%さんが原田左官に入門しました!これは日本テレビ系列の「それって! As such, it may or may not be considered canon.) Dragon Soul - Dragon Ball Z Kai Kakariko village a link to the past. The family lived like this since the battle of Sekigahara. The deaths of Sorbet and Gelato are likely a reference to Luca Brasi's murder of two enemy mafioso in The GodfatherW series, in which one is hacked to pieces alive (Sorbet) and the other swallows his cloth gag to save himself from a gruesome death (Gelato). Pinocchio later asks Weather who he's a fan of, but Weather tells him to go away before he beats him up. Here's our first song of the morning. The horse's name refers to the 1963 Beach Boys track Catch a WaveW. Araki originally wanted to have Mickey Mouse fully appear, but his editing department rejected it so he could only have the tail showing.[1]. What is Anime-Planet? The horse's name is a reference to a 1982 songW on one of his albums. One of Mina's friends blames it on Tsurugi, saying she saw him make the gates move. One day, two visiting fishermen asked him if they could ride his fishing boat to an islet off the coast of Naples. While Ojiro is in her jacuzzi, Maako declares her hate for Mitsuba and mentions about the rumors of Jobin killing his classmate to heal his incurable disease. "Mori mori mori mori, Morioh Cho Raaadioooo~" "Good morning! He was born in 1924 and is the husband of Suzi Q and father of, Born Johei Higashikata in 1872, he is the third child and first son of, Born Josho Higashikata in 1908, he is the second child and first son of. Just remember, it promises to record high temperatures in our city. Kai HARADA information, including related anime and manga. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The rest of the members recieved Sorbet's body parts, Hero created by Weather Report during the events of, Silas and Mary are the father and mother of. ¿Quieres hacer alguna confesión? He ranked 23rd place in the first stage, 16th place in the second stage, and 12th place in the 5th stage. Episode 1: I Am Stealing Kai Harada's Job. ¡Envíanos un MD y lo publicaremos!. Morioh Cho Radio Comment by Alpha_Aura this plays when kira killed someone lol Comment by Virtual Rain 'Good morning, Morioh-cho Radio! She actually seems to have feelings for Rohan, as she starts smiling and singing when he's close. David Hagen (D・ヘイゲン, Debitto Heigen) is one of the three men killed by the Boom Boom Family. 00:00:10.830 --> 00:00:15.300 When Josuke asks Yuya to help him find Koichi, Yuya smelled that the three girls were coming from the arcade with chocolates for Yuya won by Akemi. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts ¡Aquí Kai Harada en Morioh-Radio! JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable (ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 ダイヤモンドは砕けない) is the third season of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure TV Anime, produced by David Production.. I advise staying cool! Georgie Porgie (ジョージー・ポージー, Jōjī Pōjī) was a French racer, being one of the 39 finalists of the race, ranked 4th, with a total score of 123 and a 250,000 yen prize. The man on the radio was Kai Harada. Kai Harada (カイ原田) is the anchorman of Morioh Town Radio. His name is likely a reference to singer Julio IglesiasW (father of singer Enrique IglesiasW). La station peut être écoutée sur Onsen et HiBiKi Radio Station. Giorno lures Bucciarati out by transforming Bucciarati's tooth into a small fly, which the boy tries to swat away. I'm here to announce that Today is the perfect day to enjoy as school day starts tomorrow. After Jotaro defeated D'Arby, their souls were all freed. The key PHY and MAC standards, IEEE 802.15.4g and .4e, that configure the systems are explained, and fundamental transmission performances of the systems in the PHY layer and MAC … The baron dropped out during the 1st Stage, leaving with a score of 0. He is seen sleeping at the beginning of Tamami Kobayashi's and Yukako Yamagishi's fights and is taken for a walk during Yuya's fight. Their executioner, who was killed by Bruford's hair, was the same one who killed Mary. F.V. He takes a woman hostage but Josuke punches a hole through the both of them with Crazy Diamond. The horse's name is a reference another Nelly album, Country GrammarW. Yūki Ono jokingly questions why he would meet Kira, but not the main protagonists. Kanye (カニエ, Kanie) is a racer who ranked 13th in both the 2nd and 5th stages. Stroheim is introduced as a cyborg, and attempts to kill Gyro and Johnny Joestar, but is quickly taken out by Gyro's Steel Balls. Kai Harada in the press room for 72nd Annual Tony Awards - Press Room, Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY June 10, 2018. Credit: Jason Smith/Everett Collection Credit: Everett Collection Inc/Alamy Live News/Alamy Live News New York, NY, USA. Famu36 / Gold 4 100LP / 35W 33L Win Ratio 51% / Rakan - 9W 4L Win Ratio 69%, Senna - 6W 3L Win Ratio 67%, Nautilus - 4W 4L Win Ratio 50%, Leona - 2W 6L Win Ratio 25%, Braum - 3W 4L Win Ratio 43% This is Morioh Radio, and your host, once again, is me, your neighbor, Kai Harada. Months after the opening of hit Broadway musical The Band's Visit, celebrated sound designer Kai Harada has won a prestigious Tony Award for Best Sound Design in a Musical, including fully object-based 3D sound courtesy of Astro Spatial Audio.. As she told the story enthusiastically to her boyfriend, they were unaware that Kira was sitting next to them, trying to control his killer instincts. His corpse was later discovered in his home, with the cloth still stuck in his throat and a note attached that reads "punishment". KoralleJM / Gold 2 75LP / 78W 70L Win Ratio 53% / A rating system that measures a users performance within a game by combining stats related to role, laning phase, kills / deaths / damage / … The station can be tuned into on Onsen and HiBiKi Radio Station. Captain Valentine would reveal how Funny's father sacrificed himself for the sake of his family and his country, and taught Funny that patriotism was the most beautiful virtue in the world. Elizabeth is the wife of George II and mother of Joseph. His name is given on his tombstone in the anime series. Name is likely a reference to the 1980s band Mr. MisterW. And i have the perfect song here to start off the day. What a refreshing morning. Bruno joined Passione in exchange for his father's protection but ironically discovered that the boss of the gang was the source of the drugs. Urmd references the major character Muhammad Avdol of Part 3. Jolyne has no idea how the comic is supposed to be funny but the guy sitting beside her thinks it's hilarious. Coming from Egypt, Urmd Avdol (ウルムド・アブドゥル, Urumudo Abuduru) was said to have crossed the Sahara desert three times annually. Jobin explains his Stand Speed King's ability before realizing she isn't a Stand user, and then kills her by boiling her blood vessels before drowning her in her jacuzzi, where she reunites with Ojiro's corpse. Episode 1: I Am Stealing Kai Harada's Job 11:01 PM Yugo Kanno Morioucho Radio JOJO'S Bizarre Adventure - Diamond Is Unbreakable (Original Soundtrack) Vol. Sorbet (ソルベ, Sorube) and Gelato (ジェラート, Jerāto) are deceased members of Passione and by extension La Squadra Esecuzioni who were executed by the Boss because they tried to unmask him. Even … This is Morioh Radio, 2. They both start severely injuring each other, utterly confusing Jolyne. His name may be a reference to Steely DanW member Donald FagenW. However, Mitsuba tells Maako to move her "forepaw" off her shoulder. She was only named in the Joestar Family tree seen in JoJolion. In prison, Atroe was regularly bullied. "Good Morning! Steven Steel showed up to his farm one day and convinced him to tell the mafia that his daughter was damaged goods and married to Steven so that they wouldn't want her anymore. Kai HARADA information, including related anime and manga. His name may be a combination of Billy IdolW's name and his track White WeddingW. What a wefweshing mowning. "Good Mowning! Founded in 2001 as the first anime & … This is Morioh Radio, and your host, once again, is me, your neighbor, Kai Harada. Here Radio Morioh and your neighbor, Kai Harada. Theatrical Sound Design. The family as a whole is incredibly unlucky, but those who watch the harvest moon have had long lives. After 116 days, 6 hours, 33 minutes, and 23 seconds, they completed the race, ranked 5th with a total result of 122 points and a prize money of 120,000 yen. Telence made her into a doll wearing VersaceW that he himself designed, although she preferred ChanelW. The men shot him multiple times and seven bullets pierced his body. タイルの魅力発信プロジェクト タイル技能五輪にチャレンジ! 投稿日:2020年07月15日 (水) 代表の原田です。7月よりお伝えしている原田左官の「タイルの魅力発信プロジェクト」。タイルの魅力を再発信し、仕事と目指す人を増やすプロジェクトです。 UHF radio-frequency wireless microphones fall somewhere between 400MHz and 900Mhz. Gweetings, aww. ... Ironically enough, you have this nightmare of a heatwave to thank for your date with Morioh … Theatrical Sound Design. His horse is named Europe Express (ヨーロッパ・エクスプレス, Yōroppa Ekusupuresu). Before we play our first song, I got some news for everyone. When Ojiro steals the Locacaca from the Higashikata house, he sends Maako pictures and evidence of Jobin's smuggling and money laundering. He is only named in the anime since his student ID can be seen. Good Morning Morioh! As an adult, he is the father of two daughters and two sons, one of them being Joseph Joestar. Just before blowing her up, he took her boyfriend's ears and hung them on her own, telling her that her boyfriend had left some earrings behind for her. This is Morioh Radio, and once again is me, your neighbor, Kai Harada." Chika Sakamoto as Ken Oyanagi. Lucy has an older brother named Tom (16) and two younger brothers named Will (11) and Charles (3). This is Morioh Radio, and your host, once again, is me, your…” And i have the perfect song here to start off the day. They threaten to attack Josuke, but Yuya tells them they are on good terms now. This is Morioh Radio, and your host, once again, is me, your neighbour, Kai Harada. Tags Never shown in person in the series, the only thing known about her story is that she accompanied her husband during a trip to London and died protecting her baby when her carriage had an accident and fell into a ravine. Hewe's ouw fiwst song of the mowning. Victoria Kerr, Lee Kingston, Allan Olsson, Mrs Flercher, Gaspar Espino, Lisa Drewjov, Claus Ametsch, Colin Truman, and Mike Wheeler. Unaware of what just happened, he continues talking to his hand before he notices his phone is gone, and is then anguished over the loss of one billion yen and his job. Characters in this section have very little information to warrant a character page, usually due to lack of relevance and/or backstory. What a refreshing morning . Mark Becker (M・ベッカー, Māku Bekkā) is one of the three men killed by the Boom Boom Family during the 1st Stage. It had many martial arts training grounds and vacation homes where its summer attractions may have come from. Fritz von Stroheim (フリッツ・フォン・シュトロハイム, Furittsu Fon Shutorohaimu), or F.V. Zenyatta Mondatta (ゼニヤッタ・モンダッタ, Zeniyatta Mondatta) is an Indian racer with the horse Roxanne (ロクサーヌ, Rokusānu). Dixie Chicken ranked 8th place in the first stage, 19th place in the second stage, and 9th place in the fifth stage. Seemingly nervous, Yoshioka agrees but his phone is stolen by Josuke immediately. ¿Tienes algún problema? Good morning. European mobile telephones operate at 900MHz and 1800MHz (which is 1.8GHz). The cop with him then points out another spider which is half-dead. This is your host, Kai Harada!' Mary Joestar (メアリージョースター Mearī Jōsutā) is the late mother of Jonathan Joestar and wife of George Joestar. The two were described as psychopaths by fellow assassin Formaggio and were always close, leading to rumors about the true nature of their relationship. His competition career in high school imbedded an old school climbing ethic. Eventually when all of the characters return to their books, Pinocchio remains the only one missing as Anasui killed him. Ten years after battle in Egypt, Jotaro Kujo arrives to Morioh in Japan looking for Josuke Higashikata. Add Kai HARADA as a favorite today! He was left for dead by the thugs but was luckily saved by a coast guard ship that just happened to be passing by. Directed by Yuta Takamura, Naokatsu Tsuda, Toshiyuki Kato. She took Mary prisoner and ordered her to be beheaded, using an impersonator later to trick Tarkus and Bruford into giving up. Late-night airtime on Morioh Radio is time for Harada to answer questions on love, life, and other seemingly small matters that plague the average Morioh … Entering the apartment just as Minako's boyfriend promised to buy her a new pair of earrings, Kira blew him up instantly with Killer Queen. ... Bucky Koba as Kai Harada. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the... 福島県浪江町出身です。 3・11以降、故郷の復興のために手当たり次第 MORIOH. She later looks around her condo for Ojiro and then hears his phone ringing. He ranked 22nd place in the first stage, 19th place in the 2nd stage, and 14th place in the 5th stage. Page, Jones, Plant and Bonham (ペイジ, ジョーンズ, プラーント, ボーンナム, Peiji, Jōnzu, Purānto, Bānhamu) are four zombies with an unusually bestial and horrific appearance. What a refreshing morning. Race Standings We love Morioh Cho." However, Gyro uses his Steel Ball to locate a hidden cactus cluster and lure Urmd into it. His name is a reference to the 1972 Little FeatW album and song of the same nameW. After 116 days, 6 hours, 33 minutes, and 16 seconds, his total result was 314 points and he ranked 3rd place overall. And i have the perfect song here to start off the day. Greetings, all. This character is likely a reference to the Tarkus from Part 1. Stroheim is a German racer. Morioh is a suburb of S City. Be sure to have a great evening, good night and once again good night Morioh. The day after Kai Harada announces the possibility of record-breaking temperatures in the following weeks, you delve into your emergency savings for a solution only money can buy. Stream 22. The station can be tuned into on Onsen and HiBiKi Radio … During the Steel Ball Run, just as Funny Valentine is about to kill Johnny, he notices a white mouse nearby and wonders why a mouse would be drawn by Ticket to Ride's powers, before realizing that he is being drawn back when Lucy is taken by Gyro Zeppeli. He ranked 13th place in the first stage, 18th place in the second stage, 11th place in the 4th stage, and 7th place in the 5th stage. Anasui's soul then returns to his body. Morioh Cho Radio with DJ Milky Way "Episode 4: Kai Harada’s Lawyers Have Sent Me a Strongly Worded Letter" The Freeform Pathogen with Mike "Noodles on Parade" Scratchy Vinyl with Tim "a music program designed specifically for lyle the intern" Comments, Questions, and Additions should be addressed via e-mail to Kai Harada. And i have the perfect song here to start off the day. Days later, thirty-six individual sections of Sorbet would be preserved in formalin frames, which would be delivered to the assassins one by one. Greetings, all! He died during the 1st Stage, while ranked in the 200's, leaving him with a score of 0. Bouldering World Champ Kai Harada started climbing at the age of 10 in Osaka. Unbeknownst to them, the family is stalked by a spirit taking the form of a man with a rabbit mask who brings misfortune to anyone in the family who doesn't spend the harvest moon night watching the moon. This is Morioh Cho Radio , and your host , once again , is me, your neighbor , Kai Harada. He ranked 14th in the first stage, 15th in the second stage, 8th in the third stage, 10th in the fifth stage, and 5th in both the 6th and 7th stages before retiring in the 8th stage. Not responsible for typographical errors. Later, he and Masaya are by a fountain when Aqua Necklace attacks Hirata by entering his mouth and rupturing his internal organs, killing him. 日 時: 2021年2月13日(土) 開演18:30(開場17:30) 入場料:全席自由 2,000円 ※スタンプカード2枚でチケット1枚と交換できます。 ※席数に限りがございますので、事前のチケットのご予約をお願いいたします。 会 場: ガトーフェスタ ハラダ 本社1階 エスポワールホール Unable to resist his desires any longer, he forced Minako to cut his fingernails. Due to the camel's long legs, it had the ability to keep up with a horse's speed, but at the same time crush any other racers with its 800 kg body. [Credits] @memes_rush_page @gordogiovana.posting Be sure to have a great morning and once again good morning Morioh. Baron Roocatugo (ロッカチュゴ男爵, Rokkachugo-danshaku) is a German racer who decides to drive an automobile instead of riding a horse.
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