The Basics. We are not to be held responsible for any resulting damages from proper or improper use of the service. Circular Pool Tile Calculator. The most popular tile sizes for the pattern selected appear, and after that quick selection, you … See our full terms of service. Step 2; calculate the area of each tile. Tile calculator Welcome to our handy tile calculator which will help you calculate the number of tiles you need for your project and the size of the area you need to tile. HomeAdvisor's Tile Calculator helps you figure out how much floor, shower, bathroom or wall tile you need. That is why we have created a photo gallery page of pools that we have finished around the world. For more tile color & sizes, Visit 1"x1" = 1” squared . The tile dimensions should be provided by the manufacturer, while the area dimensions can be measured using a long measuring tape or known from the building plan. Works both in metric and imperial units. Find out how many tiles … Wastage of Tiles: It’s important to buy more tiles than you need to cover the area.Because the tiles can be waste in cutting factor, can be break and probably it run out of the stock during your mid project. 05 Mar 2020. Pool Calculator provides the tools and maintenance information you need to keep your swimming pool and hot tub chemicals balanced and your pool water crystal clear. Thankfully, ImproveNet has the right tool for the job! Home >> Resources >> Calculators >> Pool Volume Calculator Resources Click on [+] to expand list Click on [–] to collapse list Calculators. The cost of glass tiles range from $7 to $50 per square foot due to their popularity and beauty. Residential Pool Pump Energy Savings Calculator; Salinity Calculator; Saturation Index Calculator; Pool Volume Calculator; Equip your pool. Some of these pieces cannot be used and need to be discarded. You can always call us at 1-833-7MOSAIC or 1-833-766-7242, we are always here to help! We recommend that you purchase 5%-10% more for cutting and future repairs. 4"x4" = 16”squared . Calculating a pool's area in square feet is the first step in determining information including pool gallons, maximum capacity of persons and other important information about your pool. Also if there are any other accents to the pool such as Jacuzzi or waterfall please calculate separately. This formula is approximate because pools come in different shapes and sizes. Glass Tile Pool Cost. It can also account for the gap or overlap between tiles. Porcelain Tiles; Imported Ceramic Tiles; 2020 Tile Collection; 2019 Tile Collection; 2018 Tile Collection; 2017 Infinity Collection; 50th Anniversary; 2015 HD Tile Collections; 2014 Style-vention; 2013 Innovative Solutions; 2012 Innovative Solutions; Type. Also if there are any other accents to the pool such as Jacuzzi or waterfall please calculate separately. Each tool is carefully developed and rigorously tested, and our content is well-sourced, but despite our best effort it is possible they contain errors. Knowing these, our online tile calculator can calculate the area size and the area of a single tile. In order to compensate for those, gaps are left between tiles which are usually filled with grout, which is why they are often referred to as "grout lines". If you have any questions, contact Willsha Pools today! This formula is approximate because pools come in different shapes and sizes. Our calculator supports these two types, so if your design involves hexagonal, triangular, etc. If you'd like to cite this online calculator resource and information as provided on the page, you can use the following citation: Georgiev G.Z., "Tile Calculator", [online] Available at: URL [Accessed Date: 02 Dec, 2020]. Real-world tiles are not perfect, and they might have slight imperfections and discrepancies from the advertised dimensions. Capacity calculations involve calculating surface area and volume of the pool or spa. Use this calculator to estimate how many tiles you would need to cover an area with given dimensions. The tile calculator lets you know how many tiles you will need based on the size of the tile and the square footage of the area you are tiling. Our tile calculator, accounts for the area of grout as well. For the "classic" view of the pool calculator see Classic Pool Calculator. While there are many different types of tile shapes, square or rectangular ones are most commonly used due to ease of installation and the low amount of waste with many layouts. (d) Catalyst quantity based on 2% and includes Resin and PoolCoat. Our Collections. The Pool Calculator takes care of all the math that might come up while you are keeping your swimming pool's water chemistry in balance, telling you exactly how much of each chemical to add. Of course, as the homeowner, you get to choose new pool tile for the remodel (if you’re doing tile work). Works for both rectangular and square tiles. The Surface Area of the a Circle pool is very important when buying tile. Tiles. First, to calculate how many tiles you need to cover a given area you need to know the dimensions of the area as well as the dimensions of a single tile. This free tile calculator estimates the total number of tiles needed to cover an area such as a floor, wall, or roof. 3"x3" = 9” squared . Finding the correct amount of tile needed for a project can be tricky. We at Ezarri are launching an initiative that needs your help to select the best mosaic tile pools. In addition, explore hundreds of other calculators addressing math, finance, fitness, health, and more. Then, let ImproveNet help you find tile pros in your city. Providing commercial and residential pool resurfacing, repair, and conversions as well as deck, patio, and plumbing work. Get square foot calculations for ceramic tile, subway tile and vinyl, and tile layout measurements for herringbone pattern and others. Copyright © 2019, Mosaic Tile Outlet. This is, however, an idealized situation. For background on what the various numbers mean, see Basic Pool Chemistry. Use our Swimming Pool Tile Calculator to find out exactly how much tile you need in seconds. Pool Resurfacing Pro is the premier pool resurfacing company on the east coast. Floor Tiles; Wall Tiles; Size. Measure the length and width of the type tile you want to buy for you floor. This article describes in detail how to calculate the size and capacity of the pool you are planning. Inground Pool Cost Calculator Our Inground Concrete Pool Cost Calculator gives a realistic and accurate pricing estimate and our pool design service is included in the price. The Rectangular Surface Area of a pool is very important when buying Pool tile. Waste usually occurs due to tiles being broken during handling and manipulation, but also due to the need to cut some of them in pieces in order to achieve the desired floor design / layout pattern. Explore our stunning glass, subtle earth tones, simple waterline, raised spa wall & poolscape. Calculating the surface Area of your pool just got a lot easier! However, it is worth noting that some kinds of bonds like running bonds and herringbones usually result in a higher percentage of wasted bricks (~10%), so you might want to adjust for that by increasing the percentage of expected waste in the settings of our calculator. To calculate the number of ceramic tiles you'll need, enter your specs in the calculator below. Usual values range from 1/16 to 1/2 an inch (2mm to 13mm) and the size varies depending on materials used and the intended design. shaped tiles you will need to do the math yourself. 2"x2" = 4” squared . Our Mosaics would look great in any pool. These two parameters are optional. Tile Calculator. This tile calculator supports custom gap size and will also output the number of boxes of tiles and total cost given cost per box and tiles per box. Step 1 of 6 Tile Size 6" x 6" 9" x 9" 12" x 12" This calculator allows you to calculate how many tiles you need to cover a simple rectangular area. Usually, tiles come in standard square lengths as mentioned above. Depending on the type of finish you choose like mosaic or murals, it's common to see prices between $75 and $100 per square foot.. Additional factors when … You can use a linear grid with square/rectangular tiles, or angled squares, diamond shapes, etc. No, the result of this tool should be applicable to any type of bond. Use our tile calculator to find how many tiles you will need for your project, and measure our correctly the square footage of your project. Our online calculators, converters, randomizers, and content are provided "as is", free of charge, and without any warranty or guarantee. Finally, you need to enter your expected percentage of wasted tiles. Use this calculator to estimate how many tiles you would need to cover an area with given dimensions. (b) Resin calculated at a 2.5:1 Ratio. This number is the exact amount you will need, but it is recommended that you add an additional 10% because some tiles will need to be cut. Calculation of rectangular basin Specify dimensions in millimetres X - the internal length of the pool Y - inner basin width W - The water level H - the height of the wall to the left H2 - the height of the wall to the right U1 - distance to the ledge U2 - the width of the ledge A - Thickness of walls B - The thickness of the bottom E - Width of flange F - Height of upstand This tile calculator supports custom gap size and will also output the number of boxes of tiles and total cost given cost per box and tiles per box. For example, uniformly cut granite tiles allow for much smaller spacing between tiles, increasing the number of tiles needed. Private Swimming Pools A private pool in Dubai. Read the complete news item. For rectangular pools multiply the length by the width; for circular pools, half the diameter and multiply that number by itself, then multiply by 3.14, or pi if you have a scientific calculator. Calculations: (a) CSM based on 450gsm. Total bags of Diamond Brite / Ultra Pearl Brite / Pool Brite / Durazzo: Total bags of River Rok: Add --- 10% 12% 15% to your totals for security The calculator will also output the number of boxes and the total price of the tiles if you enter the box size (tiles per box) and the price per box. So here is a quick calculation of each of the tiles. National pool tile Collection will help you discover a pool tile that’s a reflection of your own personal style. From there, the basic formula to calculate the number of tiles required to cover an area is to divide the size of the area by the area of a single tile: Number of tiles = area size / single tile area. Get the estimated cost of your pool resurfacing project with our resurfacing calculator. Then, you will select the tile pattern desired. Contractors apply the grout, and the entire tile installation process takes an average of 1 to 2 days, depending on the number of tiles required and/or the level of difficulty your tile design requires. We understand it's important to get your tiling project right, and that starts with calculating the area you want to tile. With the tile patterns tool, you can select whether the project will use one size of tile, two different sizes of tiles, or multiple tile sizes. Allowing for between 5-10% waste is a good practice. (c) PoolCoat based on 600 grams per square meter. Measure exact dimensions of tile In WHITE boxes, enter tile dimensions in inches (fraction or decimal is OK) In GREEN box, enter desired joint width in inches (fraction or decimal is OK) If fractions are used there must be a space between the whole number and the fraction For irregular-shaped pools, calculate the area from the rectangle measurements and then estimate by eye how much of the rectangle your pool would cover. All rights reserved. Enter the total feet around your pool, pick the finish you would like, and instantly get a project estimate.
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