Should I replace the dill if making another batch? Watch Queue Queue While they may last for a bit longer than a month they’re definitely at their best if eaten within that time. That being said. If so, for how long? Have you ever tried fermenting them? Author Minimalist Baker. Can I use a bowl and cover it with plastic wrap? It can easily be doubled if you’re looking to keep a larger stash, or just particularly love to munch on pickles! Is it possible to use mini English cucumbers cut in spears for these pickles? Everyone wants a jarThanks for sharing! a refrigerator pickle)? Hi Te, Glad you like these! Delicious snack. And if you have your own favorite method or flavors you like to use when making pickles I’d love to hear them! I so, that could impact the taste of your brine. Hi Candace, Yes, you can definitely use other veggies. Ever since I started making them, I get requests from people to please, please bring a jar when we visit. My first time making pickles, and this recipe is easy and really good. Hi Andrea, These are quick refrigerator pickles, and they do need to be kept in the fridge as they aren’t properly canned (using sterile jars, etc.). I love these pickles and have made them many times. Hope that helps! I’m getting more cucumbers than we can go through in a reasonable amount of time. Hey there! Will definitely try this recipe. Jenn, Could I use this same recipe to pickle other vegetables? I am almost keeping up with all the zucchini and Summer squash from my garden. Best Homemade Refrigerator Pickles. These are good and very easy to make. The first quart was devoured the second we opened them. Sure — keep in mind that it may take a bit longer for them to pickle if left whole, but it will work. I’ll report back!! I feel as though my search is over for the perfect homemade dill pickle. Hi Jenn! I seem to have not too good tasting Brine. Discovering the quick refrigerator … Rave reviews from everyone who ate them! Thank you much for this recipe. They are best using just picked cucumbers. I also ended up using pickling salt instead of kosher and doubled the amount of garlic. And how much? Quick pickled vegetables like cucumbers are great additions to salads, bowls, or are even a great simple snack. If you use pint-sized jars, it should make 4 jars worth. Prep Time 1 hour 40 minutes. No Cook Refrigerator Pickles (Slices + Spears), How to make refrigerator pickled cucumbers (step-by-step), Questions and quick tips about pickling cucumbers, Sustainable kitchen quick pickling tips and tricks, More quick refrigerator pickled vegetable recipes, Step One: Cut the cucumbers into slices or spears, Step Four: Refrigerate to quickly pickle the cucumbers. Thank goodness for quick pickles! I couldn’t wait for the Kirby cukes to start coming in at our farmer’s market. I had an over abundance of homegrown pickling cucumbers in my community garden plot. Hi Jenna, These are more of a dill; I think they’ll be too sour if you reduce the sugar. Absolutely delicious! However, if your cucumbers are thick and crunchy then they may need more time to soak before they are fully pickled. We’re always on the lookout for great jars to keep around the house for pantry and food storage, so keep an eye out for a taller jar you can save to use for pickling cucumbers (tip: we used an empty Costco sun-dried tomato jar after using up the oil in our favorite leftover oil salad dressing!). The brine in great in barbecue sauce too. I searched several stores for Kirby cucumbers but never found them so I settled on small Persian cucumbers and hoped for the best. That’s the genius of these refrigerator pickles, theres’ NO canning required! And I ended up with a delicious dill pickled jalepeno. I can not get the pickling cucumbers over the winter, would like to make and have them as half sours. -Cathy. Jump to Recipe. I’m going to try this out tomorrow, but I got a question- Can I make this with whole cucumbers and not cut them into halves or spears? Unfortunately, I don’t have recipes for bread and butter or sweet pickles but I will add them to my list. I made my last batch in October 2015 and in April or May they were still as good as when I first made them. — Kristine Witscher on September 20, 2020, — Dorothy E Woodington on August 25, 2020. As a side note, our new abbreviated name is “Quickles!” Thanks for all of your fabulous recipes, both here in your blog and in your amazing cookbook! Everyone raved about them. Even better than the store bought ones. Is the dry ingredients per jar or per the 2 guarts? Next, stuff the cucumbers into two 1-quart jars. I used Northern Pickling cucumbers that I grew from seed (Johnnys Seeds) and they were crunchy and delicious. So my friends and I have a big canning day this Saturday. and I thought about removing it from the brine (which would also make it easier to see how many pickle spears remained, and to fish them out) but I wondered if it would affect the flavor of the remaining pickles, or especially wondered if it would make the brine not reusable. WHAT IS A QUICK PICKLE (a.k.a. I made these twice. I added more garlic and they were very pronounced garlicky by the time I opened the jar a few weeks later. It is in my recipe collection. Just wanted to ask you why the pickles should be eaten in one month? Thank you for sharing your greatness with us. These are delicious and crisp, with a touch of lemon flavor (which I’m guessing is actually the coriander.) I will now. This is a great recipe! I did a batch of round slices and vertical slices to put on sandwiches and the cucumbers stayed nice and crunchy. If you are going to make two jars then you can do half your cucumbers in coins and half in spears and see which you prefer! I had no idea making pickles at home could be so quick and easy. Everyone loves them! I made them about 48 hours ago. Thanks for the great idea! These are the absolute best pickles I have ever had. These are fantastic! Please let me know how it turns out. Chips, spears, whole, any which way you like them. Will be making another batch to see if flavour potency increases with age. ), can you add a new batch of Kirby cucumbers to the existing seasoned brine to refrigerate or should I make up a whole new brine? They turned out delicious. Print. Us too! fresh and crisp tasting with subtle yet full flavor that won’t disappoint. I’ve loved every recipe in your book so far! These are the absolute best dill pickles that I have ever eaten !!! Quick Refrigerator Pickles Quick Refrigerator Pickles. While I’ve never made these without sugar, I think it can be done with no alterations. Can you use Apple cider vinegar instead of distilled white vinegar? Thank you!! The red pepper flakes add a subtle heat. They are the same type of cucumber as the Kirbys, and they always stay crisp. I thought I loved pickles, but after making a few batches of these, I can’t stand regular supermarket dills! Would I end up with the same results if I use this prepared spice mixture? There is hidden gluten in many foods; if you're following a gluten-free diet or cooking for someone with gluten allergies, always read the labels of your ingredients to verify that they are gluten-free. Great flavor and so easy to make. I’ve been using small whole Mediterranean cucumbers instead Kirby and they are SUPER crunchy. Hope that helps! Or should I make a couple of different batches instead of all at once? thanks. With this recipe my pickles take about a month in the refrigerator before they are ready to eat. They have a nice fresh taste and are better than other recipes. Check out our other easy pickled vegetable recipes: Did you make this no cook pickled cucumbers recipe? I took an extra jar to work and everybody is raving about them. A really easy way to make dill pickles… If you have purchased a jar and eaten all the pickels…save the brine/juice, cut up cucumbers and place in the jar. Is it possible to make without, or should I just keep on looking? So glad you enjoyed them, Rosemary! And endlessly shareable – everyone who has tried them has demanded the recipe from me. I live in Mexico, where the crunchy, savory, seasoned dill pickles of my childhood are simply not a thing. Easy Quick Refrigerator Pickles Recipe – Crunchy and sweet, they are easy to make! My fiance and I are both huge pickle fans – I’ll definitely have to try this for sure! Like it? I love pickles! What other parts of the recipe might need adjusting? I always use dill & coriander seeds from the garden. This video is unavailable. Great suggestion, Barbara. Since we live in Mexico, we have to many foods from scratch. Thank you Jennifer for sharing this awesome recipe! I love that the pickles have a lot of flavor and there is no harsh vinegar bite. I’ve made them several times. Discovering the quick refrigerator method changed my perception. Quick Refrigerator Pickles. Homemade pickles are so easy to make when you reuse pickle juice for this recipe. Made this recipe for 2 jars of 3 cucumbers each and the recipe worked out perfectly for both spears and sliced. One of the hardest things about making homemade pickles is how long you have to wait to enjoy them. and used minced garlic instead of cloves just to amp up the flavor. Can I use Mini cucumbers instead? I can only get pickling cucumbers in late summer : (, I loved the pickles. Thanks! I’ll never buy dill pickles from the store again. Refrigerator Pickles - Quick N' Easy: Lightly pickled cucumbers. How to make Quick Refrigerator Pickles. Hope you enjoy! Sorry they didn’t turn out, Julie. I bet you never realized how easy sweet pickles are … Do you have a quick refrigerator recipe for any of them? One for each jar. Excellent! Quick Refrigerator Pickles. Sorry! Thanks. I don’t know if these even technically qualify as ‘pickles’. Prep Time: 5 minutes. Easy, easy, pickle recipe with lots of great taste! I sent some to both my mother and my brother, and then sent back their jars with a request for MORE. Yes, I would add a little more vinegar, salt etc. Looking forward to trying it. I think your right, it’s just personal taste in this instance. Salt and they were delicious. The kids and I discovered a jar of these homemade refrigerator pickles in my parents’ refrigerator door one day and since then, no deli or store-bought pickles have ever come close. Halfway through the jar, I added fresh okra to refill the jar…also delicious. Will make them again and again. Thanks for this great recipe. Thanks! I confess I’m not a gardener. Can I substitute dry DILL weed? GF VG V DF. Quick refrigerator pickles are my most favorite thing in the world. I think the hardest part was waiting for 24 hours for the cucumbers to marinate, or whatever cucumbers do! Best dill recipe I’ve made in years (well, maybe forever!) I did have to make changes to recipe with what I had on hand. Thanks for sharing another great recipe! Do you need special tools? Can this recipe be adapted to make a bread-and-butter pickle? Test out your favorite varieties to decide which is your preferred flavor and texture. My only variation was adding pearl onions to all jars and fresh Tabasco peppers to a few jars. However, we find canning to be a little intimidating, so thankfully there’s a super easy way to enjoy pickled cucumbers at home. Refrigerator Pickles {quick & easy} Feel free to add some fresh chopped dill or other pickling ingredients. . Sure — you’ll need 2 teaspoons dried dill. I used dill flower / seed heads in addition to dill leaves for extra dill flavor. Feel free to cut back on it next time you make these. I’d love some for the fall and winter months do you know how to can these? Hi Sarah, I got the jars (by WECK) at Whole Foods. I re-used the brine for a couple more batches as the directions stated I could and those batches came out just as good as the first. Thanks so much for posting. After that time, these quick and easy Refrigerator Pickles are ready to eat. This is great because when I’m at the grocery store I know I have all the ingredients. I now have 2 empty jars and 2 more pounds of cukes! I’ll be using this recipe from now on for all my dills. I ate half a quart of pickles in 5 minutes. I know I need to sterilize the jars and following canning processes, but is there anything I need to do to the recipe itself? Please let me know how they turn out! I have made this pickle recipe three times , because they are awesome! 11 Quick Refrigerator Pickle Recipes Nimbu ka Achaar (Lime Pickle) Recipe 35 mins Ratings. So glad you enjoyed the pickles, Mark! It won’t turn / go bad? They are fabulous! I am still tweaking my own pickle recipe. Thanks, Mindy. Luckily, there’s a delicious alternative that requires no special equipment and only 7 simple ingredients. I just put the pickle jar in a brown paper bag and pushed it to the back of the refrigerator so I can’t see them. Only wish I had found your page earlier! Quick pickled beets just like grandma used to make but without the canning. Also, I used extra garlic. Sorry for the confusion! Stuff the cucumbers into two clean 1-quart jars. The quantity of brine was perfect and I was able to fill 10 500ml jars of pickles & brine. I may never buy pickles again. Don’t throw out the cut off cucumbers stems, save them to flavor soups and broths like our food scrap vegetable soup. I found this one through Pinterest, and immediately saw that it had more seasoning and vinegar than the other recipe I’d tried. It’s just so easy, and the results are amazing. Quick Dill Refrigerator Pickles are made with fresh cucumbers and a homemade brine. I doubled the recipe, so 2.5 cups vinegar, 4 cups of water, 6 tbsp of pickling salt and 4 tbsp of sugar. Once upon a time, I went to culinary school and worked in fancy restaurants. Much easier than canning a whole pile of cukes at once … Plus there’s no waiting to enjoy your harvest. Thank you. Easy & quick. Actually, I use two 1-quart jars. Crush them? Reading your review, and curious to know if they are really edible in just one day? I’m now 4 months pregnant and make these refrigerator dills once a week. Delicious! If so, how much should I use? For me the perfect balance of salty and just a hint of sweetness. Place on medium low heat- bring almost to a boil but don’t boil 8. They are a summer favorite at our house, and who knows if they keep for a month. Hope that clarifies and that you enjoy the pickles! I made these yesterday and they are great. Thank you. Thanks! It is appreciated by millions every day. pickling spice or mustard seed (or a sprig of fresh dill) For more homemade pickle recipes try my Sweet and Spicy Cucumbers and Vinegar and Grandma’s Quick Pickled … Could I can these in a water bath like regular canned pickles so they last longer in storage? Still great. Refrigerate brine until ready to use. or divided between the jars. I didn’t have coriander or mustard seeds, so just used dried mustard and crushed red pepper for some kick. In 24 hours quick refrigerator pickles are crisp and ready. Sorry! Hi Caitlin, you want the brine to just cover the cucumbers. Can I substitute dried dill for the fresh? I also add 1 teaspoon of honey to my pickles, and this is optional; I like my pickles to have a … Great flavor, crispy & fresh tasing. Hi! Hi Marilyn, I think it will work. Kosher is much less salty. I was afraid they might not be crunchy but they are. I’ve yet to dare change anything in your recipes because they all turn out great! Can’t wait to make more and share with friends! First time I read the recipe wrong and used 3 tsp. A step-by-step guide for making quick pickled cucumbers. Print Ingredients. My friend made and brought these pickles to an Shakespearean outdoor play in Asheville, NC. I can and eat a LOT of pickles of all types…these are the best I have ever had. Thanks for the recipe! Thank you for the recipe! This simple refrigerator quick pickling recipe uses four simple steps to fastly ferment cucumbers for flavorful and easy fridge fermented pickles without canning. Do you think I could omit the sugar? Just shared with my daughter so that she can make them too! I say made lightly; the hardest part was slicing cucumbers. Hi Becky, the cucumbers should be fully submerged by the brine. dried dill. Hi Katie, Yes, that’s correct. These sliced sweet pickles are a very popular recipe in his family and frequently shows up gracing the table at almost every get-together and occasion in the summer and well into fall. Quick And Easy Dill Refrigerator Pickles This easy to make Refrigerator Pickle Recipes is a great way to use extra vegetables from the garden. Rating: Unrated Be the first to rate & review! Quick and easy refrigerator pickles in just five steps. Add the coriander seeds, garlic cloves, mustard seeds, red pepper flakes, dill sprigs, and chilled brine into jars, dividing evenly. I never made a pickle before in my life, LOL. Thanks for such a great recipe. Lol Anyhow, I love, love, love this pickle recipe. Love them! Rate this Recipe Print Recipe Pin Recipe. I can hardly wait to open it, but I’ll wait a couple days to let the flavors permeate. I made these before and they were amazing!!! Notice in the photo below that the pickles have shrunk down a bit. It was fun and we could hardly wait to try them. I suppose you could call it a marinade, or even a cucumber salad. Yes, the dill will be okay for up to a month in the jars, but it’s fine to discard it after a week or so as the flavor is already in the brine. You’ll just need to multiply all the ingredients by 6. Pickled cucumbers are healthy! I haven’t pickling other vegetables with this recipe, but I suspect it should work. We are participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. This was an awesome recipe to make quick dill pickles. My husband has a little plate of them every evening. Jump to Recipe. You can also do the same with these. I’m pickling all the little early bits from the garden, too. I have shared the recipe many times already after my friends saw the pictures on facebook and instagram. I make pickles all the time. But after they gathered flavor for about a week, my wife and daughter tried one. My question is, do you just add water to the remaining brine, or should I add other components like a bit of vinegar, salt, etc to balance it out? Thank you for the recipe! I have been using the small Persian cucumbers that are readily available where I live. Cover and let sit in the refrigerator for about 24 hours, then serve. We had enough cucumbers to do both for this recipe, and cut cucumbers into ¼ inch (1/2 cm) slices and into 4 spears for each cucumber used. Always! Makes you just want to crunch right into one of them. Best recipe for refrigerator PICKLES! These easy pickled beets are an amazing side dish, quick snack, or addition to salads. I made these as directed and they are really, really bad. So I am doubling the recipe this time. The base recipe is SO good that it’s easy to substitute and still come out with a crave-worthy pickle. Sure, Betty, any airtight container will work as long as the cucumbers are fully submerged in the brine. Save your cucumber stem scraps to use in food scrap vegetable broth to bring extra flavor to stocks and soups. However, to make sure your cucumbers stay safe while stored in the refrigerator make sure to completely cover in the liquid brine and to feel the cucumbers spears before eating. Just make a few jars and going to give a jar to a friend. The only question I have is that I’ve read it is important to cut the blossom end of the cucumber because there’s an enzyme in the blossom that can make the pickle soft. Mix well 3. i assumed it was divided because of the garlic. I love how you share the stories behind the recipes. So I’m back in pickle heaven. The result did not taste sweet at all, just more balanced IMO. You can tweak the brine as much as you want because its main role is flavor, not preservation. The texture and flavor are both outstanding. Thank you for sharing this recipe. These pickles are amazing. They remind me of NYC deli pickles and I plan to make more to share. Have received many compliments. They are crunchy and have just the right tang. I added halved jalapeños to my jars. All you do is slice Kirby cucumbers into spears, cover them with brine, tuck them into the fridge, and they’re ready to eat the next day. My sister made them too and her husband (a pickle guru) loved them and so did our dad! Your ratios sound right. LOL — love the amended title — so glad you like them! I don’t even like pickles much, but I had a lot of cucumbers from my garden, so I tried this recipe. Refrigerator Pickles … Coriander is the same thing as cilantro. It’s become a staple in my home. Delicioso!! These look delicious! I cut it back to 1,5 tbsp (but I do kinda mound my salt a bit on the spoon, hope you understand) and it tastes perfect! I love them. The first time I made them, I used mini English Cucumbers and they were mushy. My daughter loves things extra spicy so we added a sliced jalapeno to one of the jars . No changes needed but I cut pickles in half instead of spears with great results. Haha. I will definitely make them again. And if so, how much? I will be spending some time cruising around your recipes. Thanks!!! My wife and I made these pickles for the first time in 2019, and will never make any other recipe again. Thanks for making me look so good! We usually eat them within a week’s time. Yes, that’s fine Candi but I wouldn’t reduce too much or they’ll be bland. Should I add more and chop? Is it possible to use this recipe and can them instead of using them just in the fridge? I did have fresh dill and dried pepper flakes. In the videos below, I walk you through all you need to know to make Sauerkraut, Fermented Salsa, and Giardiniera (Italian vegetable medley), plus I share the secret to Crisp Fermented Pickles! Served them on the fourth to family and friends and they raved about them and they were gone in a second. THANK YOU! Save this side dish recipe for later by pinning to your favorite side dish Pinterest board and make sure to tag me on Fork in the Road’s Instagram to show me your cucumber creations! My family and I love it! Sure, Carol – you may want to increase the sugar. Thanks Jen! We can’t get enough of crunchy pickled vegetables during the spring and summer growing season. Refrigerator Pickled Beets are a fast and easy way to preserve this delicious and healthy vegetable! But I bring the original recipe to others! I’d love to hear how it turns out if you use other veggies! When the pickles are all gone (because I’ll eat them so fast! I brought these to a cocktail party and they were gone in less than 15 minutes. Hi Olga, I’ve never tried these with apple cider vinegar, so I can’t say for sure – I’m sorry! Are you a pickle lover but not interested in buying all the canning supplies necessary for making traditional pickles? Hi Julie, I don’t remember the brand name but I got them at Whole Foods . I would use 1 teaspoon ground coriander and 2 teaspoons dried dill. My food share gave us pickles this year. Your IG says you modified the recipe. The jalepeno doesn’t add much spice at all, just another flavor dimension. Sure, Joy, any container will work as long as it’s airtight and the cucumbers are fully submerged in the brine. Hi Dorothy, I’ve never used a sugar alternative here so it’s hard to say for sure, but I think it’s worth a try if you’re willing to experiment! Fabulous recipe!!! Everyone loves them. Add the coriander and mustard seeds, garlic, red pepper flakes, dill sprigs to the jars, dividing evenly. Quick and easy and everyone loved them. Can you use the recipe as is, but then use a hot water bath to can it? Now I know they are so easy to make at home and I can get four to five jars for the price of one store bought one. I pretty much have to bring a jar at least every other week now . Thanks for the recipe! Aam Ka Achaar (Indian Mango Pickles) 15 mins Ratings. I don’t think I will ever be able to go back to store bought. Sure, Steph — I’d suggest 2 tsp. Refrigerator Pickles is one of the most popular of current trending foods in the world. They are not intended for canning, but will last up to a month in the fridge. They are flavorful, crisp, and addictive. We love this recipe! This is a favorite summer recipe that I got from Darryl’s mom’s church cookbook. I realized I didn’t have any coriander in the house so I omitted it and even without these are extremely tasty. Everyone asks for it . They are so good that all 3 jars are going to be gone before the sun rises tomorrow. Hope that helps! I was lucky enough to have fresh dried coriander from my garden as well as dill so it turned out I had everything on hand to make them. Canned Homemade Dill Pickle Slices 45 mins Ratings. Hope that helps! I will definitely make them again. Hi Valerie, Glad you like these! I love dill pickles! These were not quite ready after 24 hours, but after 1 week they are perfect! Homemade crisp and delicious pickles with … There is never a time when I do not have them in my refrigerator. Will never purchase in a store again. Per the USDA Food Nutrient Database, one cup of cucumbers has 2 grams of plant-based protein and 1.5 grams of fiber. Question- Can I can these? Thanks! Refrigerator Pickles {quick & easy} Feel free to add some fresh chopped dill or other pickling ingredients. Jenn, these pickles are absolutely amazing! Will only use this recipe from now on. And if you want to spice things up a bit more, you could double the red pepper flakes. This recipe is amazing for taste. Thanks so much. Then today after opening the jar to try one, I lost all control. Quick Pickled Cucumbers (AKA Homemade Pickles or Fermented Pickles) These are the best snacks to keep in your fridge. Hi Thomas, Everything should be divided between the two jars. Happy you’re enjoying the pickles and found the blog — hope you find lots of other recipes you like just as well! They were great! And so do our friends. Please LMK how it turns out if you try it. Hi Melanie, Unfortunately, I don’t know for sure if it’s safe for canning, so I don’t recommend it. sugar (or more, if you like sweeter pickles) 1 Tbsp. So I just finished eating a delicious batch of pickles, but they soaked up most of the brine, and now my pickle jar is only 2/3 full of brine. Are these dill or sweet flavor pickles? Are these a sweet pickle or more of a dill? Thanks for another wonderful recipe! I know you said the brine can be used for another 2-3 uses – but is the dill OK to last this long as well? That can happen if not sealed right etc. Make some extra brine. The process takes a few minutes (my recipe takes 40 minutes), and once refrigerated, you can enjoy the tangy cukes the next day! These are great! 1 garlic clove, smashed (optional) 2 tsp. I think that’s the type of jar. This recipe is much less acidic with almost a 2:1 water-vinegar ratio. I followed the recipe exactly and my entire family loved them…even the child who claims that she “doesn’t like pickles”! You divide the brining ingredients in half for each jar, like 8 dill sprigs per jar, 1 tablespoon of coriander seeds per jar, and so on? Combine the vinegar, salt and sugar in a small saucepan. Refrigerator pickles tend to be crunchier and fresher tasting since they aren’t boiled in the jar for 15 minutes. Thank you Chef Segal! Hi Jenn! Can you make the brine and just keep it in the fridge as needed? Refrigerator Pickles is something which I have loved my entire life. Hi Jamie, I think this is the kind of thing that you could make a big batch of brine for. So, unfortunately, if you change the brine, the pickles will taste much different. Not only are they easy. Thanks for a great site and a great cookbook!! So I used a 2 quart bail and toggle jar from Ikea and put everything in one jar today. I’ve made 3 batches now. Now my husband is spoiled, he will not eat store bought pickles. These fridge pickles are easy and quick to make, will be ready to enjoy in just a week and are highly addictive. Hi Stella, I’d stick with white vinegar. I never would have believed that you could infuse that much flavor into those cucumbers in 24 hours. I made this recipe two days ago and couldn’t wait to try them! I think these would taste great, but the 3 tablespoons of salt is way to much. These are a staple in my house now. Notes Vinegar Recommendation: White vinegar, white wine vinegar, and apple cider vinegar are the best vinegar choices for this pickled vegetable recipe. Since receiving this recipe by e-mail from Once Upon a Chef, I have made 12 jars of these pickles. To make the brine, simply add water, a vinegar of your choice, salt, and sugar to a medium saucepan and bring to a boil. Refrigerator pickles are quick and easy to make — no sterilizing jars or special equipment required. Then proceed with the recipe as written? Wait a few days longer before eating them. The skin seemed tough tho. Hi Danielle, You can use Persian or mini cucumbers (I would still slice them in half) but they may not be quite as crisp and crunchy as Kirby cucumbers. I also see special fermenting lids which is not listed here. I was out of fresh coriander seed for batch one and the pickles still came out fine. . Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a1f3098d9fd8fab24d7ae56c3fff66f1" );document.getElementById("f696cc9a35").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); I’m Kristina and I’m a registered dietitian who believes food should be good for you and good for the planet. I made these with my granddaughter a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for your help. I picked up everything I need to make these, except the fresh dill Can I use dried dill weed instead? Whenever I have a bounty of veggies, I make a quick jar of refrigerator pickles and most of them are ready to eat the next day (though they get even better if left for a couple of days.) That would lend an unpleasant metallic aftertaste. In this article, we share our simple, spicy (optional) and indisputably delicious recipe for quick refrigerator pickles. I use thinly sliced English cucumbers — it’s not the same, but still delicious. I made them last week and the pickles are great. No preservatives and chemicals not to mention less sodium besides being more flavorful than store pickles. . I’d love to hear how they turn out if you try them that way, though! Add the water, vinegar, salt, peppercorns, garlic, dill and bay leaf to a large (1-quart) jar — or divide the mixture evenly between two small (1-pint) jars — and stir to combine. I am curious if different types of cukes can be used with similar results, my garden is crazy with cucumbers this year and need something easy like this to do with them. There’s a reason the pickle aisle is so crowded with different brands. The reviews looked great and I had everything on hand, so I made them. by Pam Kessler 23 Comments. Hi Jenn: Should I also add to your recipe 1/4 tsp. This is a perfectly normal part of the pickling process. Make an extra batch to top off grilled burgers, diced for fresh tartar sauce, as the perfect side to a simple sandwich or just a quick… I thought the pickling salt would be the right change. I hate the thought of bland pickles! How should I convert the ingredients to make enough for that? Any suggestions of adding something to the pickles to bring up the flavor? I do prefer to use rice wine vinegar but it gets expensive quickly. Thanks. He only wants to buy Bubbies at Whole Foods, but they are really expensive. Quick Refrigerator Pickles. So excited to get going. I don’t think we’ll buy a commercial pickle ever again. They are now my dill pickle go to recipe….no need to try any others. I ran out on my second jar and topped it up with water. A great snack that involves no cooking and only 2 days in the fridge to season. dibster. So easy to make and so good. Hope you enjoy the pickles! Enjoy! Amazing!!!! (I don’t usually have pickling cucumbers on hand, but I went to the Farmer’s Market and canned some bread and butter pickles yesterday, so I had the leftovers to use.). I LOVE these pickles! I’m a big fan of yours! TIA. Hi, Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s a way to keep these for 6 months. My grandchildren are coming to visit today and they’re going to love them. Hi Margaret, Dutch oven‘s are generally cast iron with an enamel coating on top. All Rights Reserved. These pickles were the best ever! I don’t have jars. See my disclosure for more information. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Made them yesterday morning and they were ready for today’s lunch. Never buying another jar of pickles. If so, should I keep them whole. I grow my own dill and coriander and it all came together beautifully. Love the whole coriander flavor but the seeds can be hard to find, Whole Foods has it for surprisingly cheap. Because green beans are so much thinner than the cucs, they will not need as much time to pickle. I made them again, without doubling and just a bit less salt. Unfortunately, I think the pickles would be too sour without the sugar — sorry! So, I thought I’d try making pickles of course. It was so easy! Sorry! Drain well 5. A by-product of processing is texture. Hello and thanks for the great recipe, I am super excited to start. I will be making two jars now, one for adults and one for kids. My son loved them so much that he said he has to change his answer to what food he would take if stranded on a desert island – “my mom’s” pickles. Brining vegetables in the refrigerator means you can enjoy crisp-tender pickles … Delicious. Hi Cathy, As long as you have all of the other ingredients, I think they should still be good. After eating a TON of different tacos with a variety of pickled vegetables on each one at White Duck Taco Shop in Asheville, I immediately came home and set to work perfecting the absolute best refrigerator dill pickles … 24 Hour Refrigerator Pickles. So simple! Thankfully they didn’t all ripen at the same time. Can I use ground coriander? I have all the ingredients except the coriander. Yours always comes out fantastic and I know I can count on yours to taste fabulous the first time! Our brine did fade a bit after the first round was gobbled up but it is super easy to just make more! I’ve made this twice now in a week and will be my pickle recipe forever… I substituted mixed pickle spice for the coriander and mustard seeds, since that’s what I had planning to make canned pickles, and it worked great. Please LMK how they turn out if you try it. First time making refrigerator pickles and I tried this and one other recipe and this was the winner! Hi Jenn! There is a strange aftertaste that I can’t even name. would be great to serve as a side for a sandwich. Family members ask for them when they visit because they love them and know they will be there. 1 1/2 cups white vinegar 1/2 cup sugar 1 teaspoon salt cucumbers sliced onion, garlic cloves (optional) water 1 quart jar; Instructions Is this also considered “fermenting” I understand the entire concept. Hello. Not sure what kind of salt you used, but that could be the problem. My family finished them off in a day. can you substitute dried coriander and dry dill in place of fresh? . You can also add other vegetables to the jar if you’d like, we like adding sliced onions (pictured), radish, bell peppers, or even lemon or lemon slices. After three days mine just tasted like cucumbers in brine. Are you kidding me! And these are more of a dill pickle. Best Homemade Refrigerator Pickles. I made these and took them to work and to say they were well received is putting it lightly. They’re nice and they look wonderful. Thank you!!! I could not find pickling or Kirby cucumbers at the store. Thanks so much for the follow-up. Recipe is simply amazing. Would it be ok to use dried dill? I’m actually making them again today. Hi Merrill, I’d just add a splash or two of vinegar to freshen the brine up. Wonderful tasting pickles! What is the brand name? . Would removing sugar greatly affect flavor? My first time making refrigerator pickles; I’ve always canned in the past. First of all thank you to Jenn for this amazing recipe. I tried this with various kinds of cucumbers. . I am making another batch today. If so, would I need to change anything about the preparation and/or ingredients? Thanks for the recipe! Hi Cathy, Sure that should work. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe – it’ll be in regular rotation here. Want to learn how to easily pickle cucumbers in the refrigerator? Now the Refrigerator Pickles … After another week they were proper pickles. Resting time 7 d. Total Time 7 d 10 mins. They couldn’t stop at one! Thanks, have loved every recipe of yours I’ve tried! Hi Debbie, I’m not familiar with the granules, but I don’t think they’re needed here. On another note… I happened upon your site while looking for this sort of recipe. Another winner Jennifer. I have made these pickles many times & love them. These are delicious and so easy to make. Pickles are one of our favorite snacks. After eating a TON of different tacos with a variety of pickled vegetables on each one at White Duck Taco Shop in Asheville, I immediately came home and set to work perfecting the absolute best refrigerator dill pickles recipe. Eager to try these! We will make them as long as our farmers market has cucumbers. Quick refrigerator pickles are my most favorite thing in the world. Now check your email and confirm your subscription. You can make your own homemade dill pickles in less than fifteen minutes, no canning necessary! Hope you enjoy! I’ll be making this recipe again! So delicious! Much better for you than a bag of chips! Hi Carlee, I wish I could be more helpful but this recipe isn’t meant for canning, and I don’t know enough to feel confident advising you. Not a quick process, but so yummy. Quick Refrigerator Pickles. In fact, there are only a few left! I made them as stated with the exception of adding a jalapeño to one of the jars for my husband. Apr 25, 2016 - Explore Carol Halcomb's board "Quick refrigerator Pickles", followed by 103 people on Pinterest. Though I hate to share. (Shudder). I’ve added fresh horseradish for example and more hot pepper to a few batches and they were delish too! They are still crunchy. Thanks, Jenn! Enjoy! This is my second time making these pickles. Note: Refrigerator pickles aren't shelf-stable, but so long as they are kept refrigerated, they should last for up to 6 weeks (more than enough time to eat them up). The only thing I changed was rather than add red pepper flakes, I took a jalepeno from the garden and split it in half. He likes these so much he has helped me make more. Or snap a photo and share it on Instagram; be sure to tag me @onceuponachef. From now on I will make this recipe instead of my old one. Yes, all of the ingredients are divided into the two jars. Unfortunately, the recipe will not work for canning. I haven’t made them that way, but it should work. These pickles will disappear quickly and you’ll likely get requests for more. Thanks, Mary, Hi Mary, sorry for any confusion — I’m referring to the pickles. I made these pickles earlier in the week and ended up tripling the brine because I had 5lbs of pickling cukes. Lori, the very best B&B refrigerator pickle recipe I’ve found is Alton Brown’s B&B recipe. I used about 10 cloves of garlic. very good recipe. These pickles are excellent. I’d love to hear how they turn out! I do, however, have two suggestions. Frozen crushed garlic, mustard powder and 5 pepper blend. The recipe is incredibly easy and it truly takes little time to whip up a batch. and if so, how much per jar? The Best Refrigerator Dill Pickles. AuthorJulie. Fantastic recipe and very simple to prepare. I also used the cucumbers that were growing in my garden, not Kirby ones … Still fantastic. This recipe is not meant for canning, Allison. My husband is a pickle snob. They were still very crunchy. I have now made 4 batches at the request of my family and they are clamoring for more. Hi Barbara, I’ve never had that problem. Thanks for providing so many reliable recipes! The next time I will probably cut back on the vinegar, replace it with water and add more sugar. I have also used the same brine to pickle carrots, peppers, and cauliflower. These won’t last long in my house. I used an old dutch oven pot to make the brine. I am inspired! Yield: One Jar. I boil jars for 10 minutes to process. I used apple cider vinegar instead of white vinegar. I’m surprised at how good these are! Like in canning. Maybe your taste is just for a little less salt. Thank you! May have just been the batch of cukes you got. Halved the sugar, omitted the garlic and red pepper flakes and added peppercorns. If you like the taste of fennel, you can replace the coriander with the same amount of fennel seeds. My husband and 3 year old love them and routinely ask for them.
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