• Herndon Sluglines

    Drivers pull up at the entrance of the Herndon-Monroe Park and Ride Garage to pickup riders heading to Rossly, the Pentagon and other Washington DC locations.

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  • I66 Tolls

    I-66 inside beltway allows vehicles with two or more passengers to drive free using EZ-Pass Flex during peak hours and others have to pay toll.

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  • Sluglines Mobile App

    Sluglines moblie app shows the number of riders / drivers waiting at each location.

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How does Slugging work?

Slugging is a unique form of commuting, different from carpooling. Sluglines assists drivers by reaching the two person HOV requirement, and passengers get a free ride.


The driver pulls into one of the many known locations for Sluglines, where riders line up.


Driver holds up a sign or rolls down the window to call out his/her destination.


Riders first in line heading to the driver's location proceed into the car and off they go!

Slugging Locations (I-66 Corridor)

Morning Sluglines
Afternoon Sluglines

Latest Blogs

My Slugging Experience!

I started reading/exploring the concept of slugging/carpooling when I moved from Alexandria to Fairfax and had to rethink my entire commute. I was still commuting to DC but this time, the starting point was Fairfax, which was further west and which meant more traffic, even during the early hours of 6:30 – 7:00 am.  I…

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New SlugLines Mobile application to connect commuters

Every Northern Virginia resident knows the pain and anguish they experience in a gridlock while commuting between home and office.  The Sluglines assist drivers by reaching the two or three persons High-Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) requirement, and passengers in getting a free ride to their destination. Drivers had to drive to the slug line to check…

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New sluglines along I-66 corridor to assist drivers to avoid the outrageous I-66 tolls

Happy New Year!  It is evident that people living outside beltway are outraged by the new I-66 tolls. More than 14,000 clean fuel vehicle drivers lost their HOV exemption who were allowed to use I-66 during HOV hours. With tolling in effect, many residents in the region are now considering slugging, the nation’s most efficient…

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